an untitled doing, Bern 2018

A performance, duration 11 hours in 11 November 2018

In the program of “Das dicke Ende/…Nichts ist egal” curated by Jörn J Burmester and Florian Feigl as part of République Géniale at Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland


Constative doing is to understand semiotical; through interpretations of signs and symbols, it is to comprehend subjectively within the notion of generality; locally designed norms and forms… Constative doing is an action, takes place in reference to preliminary conditions.

Performative doing is an act, without any content, ephemeral and dramatic in its nature; a phenomena that is common to every living being. It occurs in a situation, manifests as ‘energia’ as body mind connection within space and time. Performative doing is non representational, it does not to refer to any preliminary condition, it inherits transformative force within itself.

In artistic practises, performative act occur as self reflexive, conscious doing… in a mode of belief; ‘I’ in awareness of self in connection to undetermined reality… In which very significant mode, body/mind and space/time become to be concealed force to resist… enforce transformative act on generality, on objective world / actual climate of everyday reality.