Untitled Singular Act, Berlin 2013

This performative installation took place on 25th, 25th and 26th of May 2013 in Grüntaler9 in Berlin. It was part of the performance series “The Image is the Act?” curated by Teena Lange for the Month of Performance Art Berlin 2013.

The 3 days work was about examining of the singularity of an act within the performative mode of artistic practices.

::::::::: DAY 1 FRIDAY :::::::::

The conditions of singular within generality as opposing and repetitive?

Mixed Media Act was to examine the concept of difference other than diversity and otherness. Simultaneously the work was to examine the conditions of singularity within a framed task of doing something.

Duration: 6 hours, 3pm – 9pm

Co-performers: Lea Dietschmann, Hikaru Inagawa, Christopher MacBlain, Angie Teickner, Irene Pascual, Lukas Panayi, Laure Anne, Katharina

::::::::: DAY 2 SATURDAY ::::::::

Act as universality of the singular in relation with-in/out space and time continuum?

Duration: 6 hours, 3pm – 9pm

::::::::: Day 3 SUNDAY :::::::::

Doing as the general?

Examining of the significant time zone itself, by doing something general, without having any concept prior to the moment of doing something.

Duration: 6 hours, 3pm – 9pm