The Transformative Doing – Aesthetics of Performative

The transformative potentiality of art is inherent in its aesthetics, which process common representational into liminal and simultaneously disengages the space for constative interventions. It is to interweave act and objective conditions into situations in which present is to be unfolded beyond representations.

I understand act as manifestation of one’s own mind power and performance of the mind in relation to the reality – energia.

In Live Installations, I take everyday materials and art materials into the zone of artistic doing. Within that, “I” and the materials are removed from the general purpose of existence and become things. The synonymy of “I” and materials in an act conceive potentiality to grow into unconditional, thus occurrences set paths towards the transition of undetermined, independent forms of singular.

In Painting, doing manifests as organic occurrences, which engender liminal space that lays in-between habitual one and another possible reality. And the occurrences are true selves of the liminal space. Painting in our time is to be understood as the leftover of performative time zone, an independent space, where non-representational reality occurs within singular mode of doing…in time and space.

In life doing, the conditions and I merge in flow into liminal, where the act is the transformative energia in space-time-continuity.