Negating Blank, Berlin 2015

Negating Blank was a durational performance situation in form of an installation. The artist Dolanbay performed for 7:77 hrs in the performance area of the Bureau for Paradoxical Relations. Negating blank is manifested in repetitive forms of self-affirmation and negation. White on white.

Dolanbay: Constative ascriptions take forms of acting as humour or irony that may eventuate in the transitional but not transformational. Redemption is an orderly action, retrieval or resumption of doing something in reference to any preliminary conditions, thus it operates and stays within forms of constative. Transgression is an act of offense, a wrongdoing by its definition. Nonetheless, act is an energia that performs with no limits towards the universality of singular, which is self-reflexive and non-referential, repetitive and non-representational, and transformative; hence it is performative.

Thursday 19th March 2015
12:00 h – 20:17 h (7h77min continuously)

Venue: nGbK – Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst, Oranienstraße 25, 10999 Berlin

This performative Installation took place within the program of Redemption Jokes #1,           Bureau for Paradoxical Relations at nGbK.

Curated by Anna Bromley, Michael Fesca, Susanne Husse, Teena Lange, Jana Sotzko.

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